Magic Slots Slot Machine

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Magic Slots Slot Machine Intro

Want to impress your friends? Need more miracles in your life? New school of magicians invites you to play Magic Slots slot machine to improve your skills in creating real wonders in your life as well as to live it happily… and rich.

Created in 3 reel 1 payline format by Playtech, this online slot is available in no download format that enables you to play directly through the browser.

This game can really work magic providing you with the opportunity to win impressive progressive jackpot. A Hat is the most important thing for all magicians. It helps you to find rabbits as well as to win great awards.

Just collect 3 Hats on the payline and win progressive jackpot. Risk everything to win more. In other words, you need to play with the maximum 3 coins bet in order to win this enormous prize.

Magic Slots Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

To pay for such intriguing secrets revealed you can choosing among the following coin sizes $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00. To get the opportunity and win the progressive jackpot as well as the best awards of this game you should play with 3 coins per line. The minimum bet that allows you to play with 3 coins per line is $0.75 while the maximum bet of this game is $15.00.

Those who are eager to win the top jackpot of 2,000 coins or $10,000 should play with at least 2 coins per line and get 3 Black Hats on the payline. Of course, you also should play with the maximum coin size of $5.00.

Magic Slots Slots Bonus Game

To make dreams come true as well as some items disappear in your hat you should practice a lot. However, Magic Slots offers you to enjoy the magic right now trying to activate Bonus Game and reveal the best prize ever.

All you need to work magic immediately is a Magic Wand… or at least 3 of them to trigger bonus round. Make your wish and try to choose the hat with the best prize at once. Rely on your intuition and luck to win more coins.

We all need something supernatural in our lives. Love, spring… and money. All these things are quite usual but bring magic into our life. Miraculous power is everywhere. Just learn some tricks playing this magic slot machine and let wealth enter you life… or just take it out from your black hat.