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Ocean Oddities Slot Machine Intro

Oh, cursed divers! Eager to explore the fathomless and mysterious depths, they bother the life out of the underwater creatures that are on the verge of going mad. That’s why, these poor fellows can’t remain silent any longer and… They decide to play SPECIFIC pranks on their human pests at Ocean Oddities slots!

What can the brainless RTG beings think up? Oh, no one should underestimate them in this way! Cause irritated and annoyed on 25 paylines, they are able to strike you by 5 reel inventiveness and… Quick wit that will also bring you the highest engrossing jackpot of 40,000 coins and the scatter gift equal to $6,250!

Just fancy! Rummaging the bottom, they find the sunken men’s things and belongings and… Put all of them on in a no download version! Well, what is an idea of that? To give the gambling swimmers a cash fright with 10 Free Spins or… Maybe to show how strange and funny the land dwellers look like in their eyes? Hm, that’ll surely make you take thought now.

Are these actions of no effect? Then, the marine guys can’t do without marking their own territory with the restrictive signs. Perhaps, that will leap to the eye this time. But is it worth driving to such extremes? As a good mood of ocean hosts may award you with the Minor or even Major Progressive Jackpots knocking you off your pins!

Whoof! Whoof! Hey, the barking is impossible to hear beneath the waves. Yeah, it’s true in respect to the usual dogs. But facing Rex that rushes to you on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th reels with its tongue hanging out… You may forget about everything! As it’s a half-SHARK and half-DOG wagging its wild tail. To replace ALL other submersed icons for much DEEPER wins!

Oh, don’t be afraid of this large-toothed guard. Having a good nose for money, it’ll gladly look for the numerous Pearls that are scattered all over the oceanic bed. Before you can bat an eyelid, there will be 3, 4 or 5 Pearls lying at your feet. So, take them to trigger 10 Free Spins and increase the stake by 2, 10 or 50 times respectively.

Threading 5 Pearls on a spinning string at the largest bet will let you relish the scatter prize of $6,250. Oh, that’s the superb occasion to make a splash in the underwater world, isn’t it? Well, why not open the profitable shells at Great Blue slots as well and seize the extra aqua presents?

Ocean Oddities Free Spins
Ocean Oddities Free Spins
Ocean Oddities Free Spins Prize
Ocean Oddities Free Spins Prize

Ocean Oddities Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

Most people toss a coin into the sea or ocean before leaving their sandy shores, right? Well, you need to do the same to… Plunge into the gambling vortex towards the real cash winnings. Ready for that? Then, place diverse stakes that go from $0.25 per spin and… Reach $125 revealing the most lucrative places of the blue for you.

There’s a wide range of coin values here. So, you’re free to select the one from a penny and up to $5.00. Does your hand stretch for the maximum bet? In this case, the most rapid stream will carry you to the residence of 1 King Cod surrounded by 4 Rex watchdogs. There you’ll be presented with the top jackpot of 40,000 coins or $200,000. Off the slots sovereign back!

Ocean Oddities Slots Bonus Game

Pretending to be absolutely weird and intimidating a little bit… The water-loving critters stay GENEROUS at the same time. And they aren’t averse to prove it now. Not in word (as they can’t speak actually) but in deed! They’ll just share their main treasure that consists of 3+ Pearls with you and activate the Free Spins Feature!

Well, these bonus waters will cover you from top to toe when… You find that 10 Free Spins with up to 16x multiplier are yours. Look, the wild Rex appearing in the winning combo during the feature will double your gain at once. In addition to all of that, you may retrigger Free Spins and get more and more lost gold coins.

How about the Minor or Major Progressive Jackpots emerging right out of the blue? No necessary symbols to quest. No minimum stakes to fix. There’s only your luck to rely on. So, catch the desired jackpot after the reels stop spinning and hold it tight with both of your hands!

Fed up with commonness? Oh, Ocean Oddities slot machine will easily improve this situation screwing your brains out with the EXTREMELY zany and humorous images but… No laughing prizes and jackpots though! What is more, you are always invited to come back to the coast at Beach Life video slot and get a money-making sun-tan!