Cops and Bandits Slot Machine

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Cops and Bandits Slot Machine Intro

You are under arrest! Playtech department would place you in Cops and Bandits Slot Machine, then they routinely search your stake – and when that happens all kinds of cash scoops would break loose.

Don’t try to run away, as 5 reel 30 line locality is surrounded by powerful money protectors. You can leave the thrilling flash game only in the case you don’t have money to provide a bail.

Oh, you still try to escape! Those who rapidly spin the reels can face Brick Wall that acts as the wild symbol. Now, there is no way out, you just need to accept money making prize for a whole blind wall of wilds appeared on the reels. Moreover, when you catch 5 Brick Walls, you will also bump into the top jackpot of $2,000,000.

Front about and spin away. Yeah! You have been caught again. You have fallen into the ambuscade of 5 well-armed scatters. All in one 5 policemen will show their Badges to you. You will be detained on suspicion of having committed a crime.

Hold a second, let’s deal with it. Oh, they have found the evidence of your guilt. Your balance has been multiplied by 300 times at the sight of 5 Badges. The gist, of course, escaped you. But do you have any leisure to probe into it?

Cops and Bandits Gamble Feature
Cops and Bandits Free Spins Feature
Cops and Bandits Free Spins
Cops and Bandits Free Spins Prize

Cops and Bandits Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

Would you like to be a prisoner of such a generous slot? Then, you have to hurry up and join a search for 2 thieves. Skinny Larry and Tiny George have robbed a bank and hidden on the reels with their scoops. Set a bet to lure high presents into a trap. But if you want to become a participant of robbery, you should enter Bust the Bank Slot Machine.

There is a wide range of coin values that can snare them. If you pick the highest coin from $0.01 up to $25.00, it is obvious that you can catch the wanted leader of cash gifts by name Top Jackpot. You will be awarded with 4,000 coins or $2,000,000 prize on 5 wild heads.

Cops and Bandits Slots Bonus Game

Let’s go and find Skinny Larry and his crime partner Tiny George. They were seen climbing over the wall. Do you want to run down the escaped robbers? Then, find the search police group that is following them. How can you recognize them?

Well, ask symbols to show up their Badges. If you join the crew of 3 policemen, you will be given only one chance to catch Free Spins. Appearing 4 or 5 Badges, you will be able to make 2 attempts to reveal a bigger amount of Free Games.

Cops and Bandits Gamble Feature
Cops and Bandits Free Spins
Cops and Bandits Free Spins
Cops and Bandits Free Spins Total Prize
Come on! You have got on the trail of money presents. Running around the reels with McThin, you won’t have to be afraid of any danger. As soon as you have reached one of the robbers, the cop will get the symbol cuffed on the reels. Now your turn to act! Skin of every coin from Extra Wild thanks to Locked Wild Feature.

When you have caught 3 Thieves on the reels, you should go to Line-Up Feature Department to deal with absconder monetary rewards. You will be suggested to pick a prize from 6 suspected criminals. What man do you think has a higher price? Think twice before making your choice.

Well, let’s play in Cops and Bandits Slot Machine. The thrilling search for escaped prizes will begin when you enter the game. Show that you can work in team with overwhelming symbols to gain more!