Loose Cannon Slot Machine

Loose Cannon Slot Machine Loose Cannon Slots Payout

Loose Cannon Slot Machine Intro

Goddamn you, you gain the destination as you hit upon the source of the extra high hazard! Set sail with Microgaming slot and savor the dangerous pirate live.

It is full of twisted adventures and exciting awards that you can get having 243 ways to win. Join the crew of Loose Cannon Slot Machine until you have changed your mind, cow-baby 😉

You will face the pirates on 5 reel deck after you use a flash version of the game. If you think there are no rules in the open sea, you are wrong.

You know that the sea or river can feed you. Choosing Alaskan Fishing Slot, you will be no less satisfied with awards, though, this kind of activity can bring pleasure to the patient gamblers.

Going adrift, you will enjoy the sea atmosphere, but always stay alert. As all of a sudden, you may see Ship on the 3rd reel. And a prizable war will begin! Firing left or right, Ship can turn random symbols wild.

Loose Cannon Gamble Feature
Loose Cannon Free Spins Feature
Loose Cannon Free Spins
Loose Cannon Free Spins

Up to 15 icons can be shot down and become wild in a few seconds. Now do you ask yourself how it could happen? It’s very simple, that Ship was a wild that can substitute for all symbols, except the scatter only.

Compass will show you where the most frantic treasures are hidden. Direct your vessel towards the fantastic adventures that can be obtained by means of the scatter.

Loose Cannon Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

Let’s start with the main rule, when someone wants to become a member of the team, he or she should make the contribution. According to your aspiration, you can choose the coin from $0.01 up to $0.25.

But if you have a more ambitious goal, you need to come down with $37.50 to set the max bet. The result won’t be slow to arrive. Try to harness the forces of nature and your ship will be landed on the deserted island where you can rob 5 wealth vessels.

Do you see 5 Loose Cannon Logos? Yeah! You have made it. You have won the top jackpot of 1,250 coins or $312.50. Not that it is a lot of money, but now you are let into the secret pirate team of Loose Cannon.

Loose Cannon Gamble Feature
Loose Cannon 5 of a kind
Loose Cannon Free Spins
Loose Cannon Free Spins Prize

Loose Cannon Slots Bonus Game

Watch out! You have been caught in the Black Hole that will swirl you away. Fill your chests with coins and after 15 Free Spins have been finished, you will be left dry. During Free Games, you can catch your 3 lost Compasses and this $15 godsend will belong absolutely to you. You can get into this monetary scrape only once.

Entering Loose Cannon Slot, you will dive into the cash bosom of the game. The sea is so unpredictable, so, you can be fed to the sharks or win Free Spins or the top jackpot of $312.50. What would you choose? Set a bet and don’t be afraid of any challenges prepared by Microgaming, they will only temper you and enlarge your scoops.