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Henhouse Slot Machine Intro

All city dwellers who want to taste the joys of RURAL living should come over to Henhouse Slot Machine. Yep, you’re on the right track.

You will need Gumboots, Buckets and etc. Fling off all restraint and you use no download version to enter the game. Of course, you won’t find there clubs or restaurants. So, what is the program?

You ain’t doing nothing like that. You will start golden chicks. Would you like to try farming now? It is not the only benefit that you will get when moving to the country game. Instead of the little apartment, you will have a territory of 5 reels and 25 lines. Yeah! It is yours only!

If you want to try farming, you’d better apply for experienced RTG group that will create favourable conditions for the agrarian business.

The time flew by and once have been little chicks, your birds turn out to be handsome and appetizing Hens and Cocks.

It would be very easy to tell the difference between them, as only wild Hen symbols can cackle so loud that all other creatures recede into the background. The secret of your success is that wilds are well grouped on the reels 2, 3 and 4.

Be carefully! Though, the scatter looks firm at first glance, Egg symbols expect careful attitude towards them. If Hens have not replaced 3, 5 or even 5 scatters on the reels, don’t be so cut up about it. You will get a 2x, 20x or massive 200x Multiplier if this occurs.

Henhouse Gamble Feature
Henhouse Bonus Feature
Henhouse Free Spins
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Henhouse Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

There is a good yield of the coin wheat this year! You can see the large field with various sorts of the money spikelets. They range from $0.01 up to $1.00. Yep, take the max bet of $25 back to the roost.

When you crop the harvest and feed it to your little chicks, you will be able to reap the harvest of the labour. You should try the bee house apiculture to get honey prizes at the end of Pollen Nation Slot experience.

There can be only one Cock in the henhouse. As soon as you have noticed 5 Cock symbols in it, you should do the immediate action. You will have to take them away and cook top jackpot dish of them. Doesn’t 5,000 golden coins or $5,000 soup taste good to you? 😉

Henhouse Slots Bonus Game

3 Egg symbols can give a birth to Henhouse Pick Feature. 5 Free Games with 1x Multiplier that is all you have got from the beginning. But look how you can grow? You can find more Free Spins during 1st round.

Henhouse Gamble Feature
Henhouse Free Spins
Henhouse Free Spins
Henhouse Feature Prize
Just pick the right hen from 9 ones that will give you a better catch. For example, Hen that produces the GOLDEN EGG. 5 Free Games can hatch from it. Moreover, you can obtain up to 2x Multiplier in the 2nd round.

This golden symbol will help you to proceed to another the last stage where you can seize extra wilds. Though, there is a possibility to get out Rotten Egg that completes the feature for you.

All indicators point to yet another large increase in the harvest like Progressive Jackpot. Despite of your efforts made, you can get reap Minor or Major Crops. Only heaven knows whether your farming experience will become a plentiful growing season or not. Let’s keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Chicks, Lambs, GumBoots and other symbols of the country life look better on the reels than in real life. Play Henhouse Slot Machine to gain the funny experience that can bring more positive and bright emotions in your gambling.